Back Flow Prevention

Have you recently serviced the backflow valve? Moeco Plumbing’s backflow avoidance experts have stopped hundreds of thousands of backflows. Any connection to Sydney Water pipes, including fire services, must be secured by installing backflow prevention devices.

Backflow systems are installed at the property or business premises’ boundaries to prevent wastewater from entering the public water supply. Backflow occurs when water from your land flows back into the Sydney Water pipes. For example, if there is a pressure difference in a water supply, water can flow back into the mains. It would result in wastewater being pulled back into the domestic water supply, causing people to become ill from drinking contaminated water.

Backflow prevention systems are important for protecting water quality and must be built to prevent polluted water from entering the public water supply system.

Backflow systems, in general, can use one of three elements to prevent contaminated water from returning.

Water will only flow in one direction due to:

  • A valve
  • A break tank
  • OR plumbing solutions.
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