Jetting & CCTV


Drain CCTV may also be used to conduct plumbing inspections, allowing us to monitor the entire drainage system for trouble areas or possible future problems. It may also be used to determine whether an installation is compliant or functioning properly. This is especially important to ensure that your property has a well-functioning plumbing system on which you can rely to continue operating without interruption.

Without the need for expensive drilling, we use cutting-edge camera inspection equipment to assess the exact nature and cause of any blockage within your drainage system. Our flexible head cameras transmit CCTV data to LCD displays, eliminating the need for guesswork in identifying a blockage.


At Moeco, we can pressurize ordinary water using a pioneering water pressure unit, controlling and propelling it under high pressure into your drain or sewer line. Water jetting is environmentally friendly since it uses ordinary water under pressure.
We can monitor the cleaning process and guide the powerful streams of water to cut through the hardest blockages using various nozzles and attachments. We will clean your sewer or drain line to “like new” condition by varying the water pressure and amount of water we use.
Drains and pipes can quickly become clogged with a variety of debris. Here are a few examples of what our high-pressure water jetting equipment will cut through (and what we’ve washed out of previous clients’ pipes):

  • Heavy roots
  • FOG (Fat, Oil, Grease)
  • Mud, sand, and gravel
  • Hardened scale
  • Even some obstructions that would normally require digging or excavating

High pressure water jetting, effectively scrubs the entire diameter of your pipe, cleaning all debris away.

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