Sydney Water certified, we will have the services updated and into the construction site before the building begins, from the design phase to the completion of the services. This involves a water main expansion, a new water main, a drainage main, water taps, sewer junctions, sewer manholes, sewer diversions, stormwater mains, early works packages, road work and deep excavations.

Sewer drainage systems transport waste from your toilets, laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms away from your home and into a drainage system where it is filtered for pollutants.

Moeco Plumbing has extensive experience with a wide range of sewer projects, including the development of new sewer mains, improvements and deviations to existing sewer mains, concrete encasements of sewer mains, sewer manhole construction, and the building of junctions or Property Connection Points (PCP) into existing sewer mains.

We take pride in maintaining a high level of safety on any project, and we use specialised equipment such as trench shoring, gas detector systems, and safety harnesses with tripod and winch for confined spaces. We ensure that any project is completed efficiently and without incident by using this equipment and our skills protocols.

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